Administrative Assistant position in the Psy.D. Program

Miami Campus Only









POSITION TITLE:    Administrative Assistant II


Reports:                       Director


Department:                Psy.D. Clinical Psychology


Status:                         Non-exempt





BROAD FUNCTIONS: Provides secretarial support to the Director of Clinical Training.  Assists and support the programs full time, adjunct faculty and doctoral students as requested by the Director and the Administrative Assistant.





  • Responsible for assisting the Administrative Assistant and Director with the reporting needs of the program. This also includes but is not limited to Annual Reports, Reports for APA, Middle States, Florida Department of Education, etc. Maintains current and accurate files and logs for all doctoral program related activity and correspondence including such items as the Graduate Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook and Catalog revisions.


  • Responsible for all word processing, photocopy, distribution and filing of faculty needs in regards to clinical courses and the clinical concentration areas. This includes but is not limited to such material as course and master syllabi, semestral examinations, as well as qualifying examination exam, manual and associated record and reporting needs.


  • Responsible for assistance in preparation of projected annual academic schedule.


  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the disk for the doctoral program textbooks. Coordinates the semestral bookstore order with the bookstore. Request desk copies in accord with the institutional norms and procedures. Recording dissertations and internships.


  • Responsible for all outgoing program correspondence to students including mid-term and final student evaluation meeting notices, matriculation status, quality assurance meeting notices and findings, etc.


  • Screens phone calls and routes correspondence for the appropriate doctoral program director and faculty.


  • Maintains contact information for all adjunct faculty professors.


  • Proofreads letters, memoranda, and reports, prepared by the Program Directors and Faculty.


  • Prepares materials, statistics and graphs for the institutional reports.


  • Schedules appointments for the doctoral faculty committees (for program related activity) and supervises the maintenance of materials necessary for the program support.


  • Maintains knowledge base of specialized terminology in the field of psychology, essential for conveying correct information related to job duties.


  • Ensures that program related deadlines are met in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Answers questions from administration, faculty, students, prospective students and visitors regarding the doctoral program.


  • Assists administration, faculty, staff, students and visitors in obtaining the appropriate information they re seeking through referral to the correct source.


  • Assists the academic director in activities related to the operation of the doctoral program in regards to qualifying and comprehensive exams and their manuals, files and correspondence.


  • Maintains accurate budget reports and ensures academic support related materials for faculty as a whole and groups of students are ordered, schedules and disbursed according to institutional norms.


  • Engages in professional self-development through work related training in fields such as psychology, computer applications, office procedures, etc.


  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Clinical Training and the Provost.


  • Maintains cooperation and interaction with other institutional departments such as the Undergraduate’s and Master’s programs, Library, Clinic, Registrar’s Office, Finance, and Financial Aid Offices, as well as the Provost and President’s Offices.


  • Responsible for assisting the Director of Clinical Training with inquires of the computerized student database for preparation of program statistical reports.


  • Prepares and updates the Doctoral Program Web Page as required.


  • Provides support in the distribution and tabulation of the professor’s evaluations.


  • Prepares minutes of meetings as requested by the Administrative Assistant or Director.


  • Prepares purchase orders and check requests for the Doctoral Program, Program Director and Faculty.




QUALIFICATIONS: Associate degree preferred, with minimum of 2 years secretarial/clerical experience. Knowledge of Word, Excel, Power Point, photocopy equipment, office procedures, typing, ability to take dictation and transcription. Pleasant personality, good phone and interpersonal skills, ability to maintain confidentiality, bilingual skills (English/Spanish written and oral fluency), willingness to become cooperative team member. Ability to handle multiple, on-going priorities and supervise the work of others. Attention to detail and proper file maintenance.