Full Time Faculty Speech-Language Pathology Program

Job Description


TITLE:                                                                Faculty

CLASSIFICATION:                                         Full Time

PROGRAM:                                                       Program in Speech-Language Pathology


  • Enforce the objectives, policies, regulations and other normative provisions of the University.
  • Perform the functions of the Coordinator of External practice in accordance with the ethical standards and prevailing professional conduct.
  • Perform the specific functions assigned by the Employee Handbook, as well as those that are mandated by the Director, the Provost, the President, or his authorized representative.
  • Provide written and telephone follow-up to Practice Centers for clinical evaluations of students and supervisors.
  • Collaborate with the director of the clinic and case manager regarding administrative tasks
  • Collaborate in the preparation of materials for accrediting agencies.
  • Prepare the official directory of the Practice Centers.
  • Prepare and photocopy the official internship calendar per Semester, to be delivered to the interns at   the Practice Center Orientation, and at the last meeting of each semester for the following semester.
  • Answer telephone calls and channel them if necessary.
  • Provide follow up to the delivery of the following documents:
  • Evaluations carried out by supervisors.
  • Practice Center evaluations carried out by the interns.
  • Students’ evaluations of their supervisors’ performance.
  • Assist in the preparation of statistical reports
  • Assist in internship activities.
  • Visit and evaluate the Practice Centers to ensure that they comply with the requirements of clinical training of the internship and accrediting agencies.
  • Review the intern evaluations performed by the supervisors (primary) and determine areas of strengths and weaknesses, so that an adequate clinical practice program can be structured.
  • Assist in the planning of the clinical training of interns regarding activities, workshops, and meetings that are offered as part of the internship Clinical Training Program.
  • Directly supervise clinical practice students in the event of supervisor absence.
  • Identify potential Practice Centers for the interns and manage the agreements according to the policies of the institution.



  1. Maintains responsibility for general and Speech-Language Pathology curriculum and professional training.
  2. Recommends acquisition of textbooks, video, and testing/assessment instruments to facilitate program development.
  3. Prepares, coordinates and supervises the preparation of regular and master syllabi for academic courses.
    1. Teach 3 courses every semester
  • Doctorate Degree or in pursuit
  • ASHA-CCC-SLP and eligibility for Florida licensure
  • Current State professional license
  • Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)
  • Two (2) years of experience in teaching programs or Speech-Language Pathology in higher level
  • History of positive interaction with and mentoring students
  • Skills in offering online courses or training in the design of distance learning courses
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

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