Part-Time Faculty – Master’s in Psychology Programs







POSITION TITLE:  Part-Time Faculty – Master’s in Psychology Programs




BROAD FUNCTION: Teaches one course to graduate students, assists Practicum Coordinators in maintaining the practicum placement sites network, Conducts prospective students’ interviews and provides academic advisement, assists adjunct faculty members as needed, and completes other duties and projects as assigned by the Program Director.






  1. Teaches one course per semester within a prescribed curriculum.
  2. Prepares and delivers lectures and stimulates class discussions.
  3. Prepares course outline, including tests, bibliography, schedule, method of instruction, methods of student evaluation, and submits the same to the Program Director.
  4. Plans, develops, and coordinates instructional activities as necessary in order to ensure that students receive assistance in meeting their learning objectives.
  5. Establishes and maintains an instructional atmosphere conducive to learning.
  6. Keeps students informed of progress and developments in the field.
  7. Designs, administers, and grades examinations.
  8. Conducts student evaluations twice a term at the faculty meetings to determine student progress and professional development.


  1. Submits required academic reports and forms, such as mid-term and final grades, in a timely and accurate manner.
  2. Performs related duties, such as advising students on academic and/or vocational matters, and mentoring as needed.
  3. Assists adjunct faculty on institutional and academic issues as needed.
  4. Serves on faculty and university committees as assigned by the Program Director.
  5. Maintains required work hours, including posted office hours, as prescribed.
  6. Abides by the policies and procedures as well as institutional philosophy as contained in the catalog, faculty handbook and student handbook.
  7. Actively participates in institutional meetings and committees.
  8. Holds membership and/or participates actively in professional organizations selected in consultation with Program Director.


  1. Assists Practicum Coordinators as needed to maintain the practicum sites placement network.
  2. Recommends recruitment and outreach strategies as well as public relations activities to market the programs to the Program Director and assists in their implementation.
  3. Assists the Director in writing institutional reports, i.e. departmental working plan, annual reports, strategic development plan, accrediting and licensing agencies’ reports, etc.
  4. Contributes to prepare, update, and proctoring of the Comprehensive Examinations.
  5. Participates actively in the Master’s in Psychology Programs Admissions Committee, including evaluating and interviewing prospective students.
  6. Participates in Quality Assurance Committee meetings and proceedings, and generates required reports when necessary.
  7. Performs other duties and completes projects as assigned by the Program Director.
  8. Is directly responsible to the Program Director.




QUALIFICATIONS: The educational background will depend on the University’s needs and the course or courses to be taught. However, all full-time faculty members must hold at minimum a M.S. or equivalent degree, with specialization in the area in which they are teaching. Current majors offered are: Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, School Counseling, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.